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About Derbyshire Tartan

Inspired by Derbyshire, for Derbyshire...

Derbyshire is rich in natural resources with undeniable natural beauty and a strong industrial heritage. Detailing the county's varied landscape and history, the Derbyshire Tartan is something to be proud of:




The overriding colour of the landscape, the bright vibrant green of the Derbyshire Tartan represents not only the colour of the countryside, but also the richness of the land which supports Derbyshire's farming industry.




Contrasting beautifully with the green, red brings the industrial legacy of the Midland Railway and the Derwent Valley  Mills, built to weave cloth.




A strong, bold line cuts through the pattern, depicting Derbyshire's coal and lead mining - formerly a major local industry.




These hues symbolise Derbyshire's famous 'Blue John' (or Derbyshire Spar) as well as the deep purple of the heather, which covers the high peaks during the summer months.




Just as it does in the Derbyshire landscape, the cool white of the limestone weaves its way through the Derbyshire Tartan. The colour of the White Peak and a representation of a another natural resource, quarried widely in the county.




Standing out bright and proud is the yellow of Derbyshire's Tudor Rose emblem, the county badge since the 1470s.


Of course, through personal interpretation of the Derbyshire Tartan can mean so much more to many people. Maybe you can see most of the colours at your favourite local beauty spot? Or they could be symbolic of your Derbyshire firm's logo? Perhaps you can see meadow flowers, your school colours or locally manufactured products represented in the weave? Whatever the Derbyshire Tartan means to you, it has been created to reflect and represent the county's beauty, and we hope you will enjoy it.


Giving something back to Derbyshire...


Derbyshire Tartan isn't just inspired for Derbyshire, it's for Derbyshire.


The Trotter family didn't just want to create a tartan for Derbyshire, they wanted to give something back to the county that they now call home - so, for every metre of fabric or Derbyshire Tartan product sold, a donation will be made to Foundation Derbyshire supporting local charities



North Mill Belper with River Derwent in foreground

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Registered Design No 4041635




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