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Reg Design No 4041635


Derbyshire Tartan

is protected by a registered design (Registered Design No 4041635) and is also registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans (Registration No 11306)

What registered entails

By inclusion in the Scottish Register of Tartans, Derbyshire Tartan has established a clear criterion for the inclusion of a tartan in the Register: by being a new tartan that meets the definition of tartan contained in the Scottish Register of Tartans Act (2008) and that it is a new design and unique to the Register.

Derbyshire Tartan by having a registered design number protects the look and design thus it cannot be copied or used without the owner’s permission. A licence is required for any use, weaving or reproduction of the Derbyshire Tartan.


Using the name correctly

The name ‘Derbyshire Tartan’ must always be used correctly and differentiated in text from any accompanying words by using CAPITAL LETTERS, underlining or ‘commas’. This prevents theDerbyshire Tartanname from becoming generic and preserves the high value and unique characteristics of the DERBYSHIRE TARTAN.


External communications and marketing collateral

Editorial use of the Derbyshire Tartan name is permitted if it does not create unauthorised commercial associations. The Derbyshire Tartan name must not be used in any way that is detrimental to the distinctive character or reputation of Derbyshire Tartan.

External communications and marketing collateral the registered design owner of Derbyshire Tartan may authorise the Derbyshire Tartan name for use in advertising and marketing certified Derbyshire Tartan cloth and products. To apply for permission to use Derbyshire Tartan name marks in advertising and marketing please contact the registered owner of Derbyshire Tartan.


Certified Products

For a Derbyshire Tartan certified product, the product will bear the appropriate woven Derbyshire Tartan label. The woven label must be attached to the Derbyshire Tartan fabric and Not to any other fabric used in construction and manufacture of the product. The positioning of said woven label must be prominent and in a manner that is agreed with the designer.  All Derbyshire Tartan certified products must have the accompanying Derbyshire Tartan information card at point of sale.

The Derbyshire Tartan cannot be woven outside the United Kingdom and not without the designer’s consent.


Copying of the Derbyshire Tartan Design

Coping of the design i.e. for hand weaving, will be at the discretion of the designer and if consent is granted must meet with the conditions set out in Certified Products.


Business names, trading names and transactional websites

The Derbyshire Tartan name must not be used in connection with the name of, or promotion of, any retail business that does not exclusively market and sell genuine Derbyshire Tartan.


Woven Labels and Information cards

The appropriate woven labels and information card must be obtained from the designer.

A set number of labels and information cards will be supplied per length of cloth purchased. Additional labels and information cards can be purchased for the appropriate fee applying at time of purchase.


Derbyshire Tartan website

There is a Derbyshire Tartan website that is an information portal hence no products are offered for sale from this website.  No part of this website can be downloaded or copied without the designer’s consent. To be listed on the links pages please contact the designer who will include details of the link at their discretion.



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The Derbyshire Tartan™ is registered with Scottish Register of Tartans

Registered Design No 4041635




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