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Reg Design No 4041635

The Tale behind the Tartan

Derbyshire Tartan was designed by the Trotter family, who moved to Ripley in 2012 from the Isle of Harris, where they worked with the world-renowned Harris Tweed. Harris Tweed is a much sought after fabric, famously inspired by the landscape of the Outer Hebrides. The Trotter's business, Tweeds with Style, became well known for cutting-edge designs marrying the traditional with the contemporary. A number of their garments have been featured on TV and in magazines, with some even touring the world.


When family commitments brought the Trotters south, their love of fine fabrics was not left behind on the 500-mile journey. They made their new life in Derbyshire, admiring and enjoying the stunning scenery, the rich hues and the magnificent colours of the Derbyshire countryside whilst continuing to create their beautiful garments.


Now many believe that tartan is strictly Scottish, but that's not the case. Tartans are registered from all over the world. With this in mind, the Trotters took inspiration from the beauty of the local countryside and, weaving in some ideas from the county's rich heritage and natural resources, came up with the vibrant  'Derbyshire Tartan'


The idea was immediately well received locally and quickly progressed to an official design, registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans - thereby giving Derbyshire, for the first time in the county's history its very own official tartan.


Scottish Register of Tartans Reg. No 11306


Registered Design No 4041635


Bridal Coat in Natural White

Harris Tweed

Derbyshire Tartan™

Tweeds with Style™

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The Derbyshire Tartan™ is registered with Scottish Register of Tartans

Registered Design No 4041635




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